Top 5 best Free Antivirus for windows 8

With the day by day increase of internet users, internet is turning out into one of the major thing in everyone’s life. People are spending lots of time on the internet for various reasons. Not only the number of internet users are increasing, but also the Viruses on internet world are also increasing day by day. It’s estimated that each day thousands of new viruses are getting released on the internet. Using an Antivirus for your PC is always recommended to stay safe from all the virus on internet. There are many antivirus software’s available, many of them comes only with the paid versions, but only few of comes with free versions. In the post I will list out the best 5 antivirus for your Windows PC.

Downloading links for the Antivirus are also provided below. You can download them and start using on your Windows PC’s. Here is the list of 5 Top antivirus for windows 8 / 7.

1. Microsoft Security Essentials

As the name itself says, this is antivirus is provided by the Microsoft. You can download it for free if you a genuine version of Windows 8. You can even download it for the old version of Windows operating systems for free only for genuine OS. Windows 8 comes out with inbuilt Microsoft security essentials. This helps a lot for protecting your PC from internet Viruses, malwares and all spywares. You can even update it frequently for better Protection. You can download the Microsoft Security Essential from the below downloading link.


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2. Avast Free Antivirus

There are many features in this avast antivirus. It supports both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of windows operating system. You can even scan the removable devices so that even acts as USB security. Avast comes out with both Free and paid version, if you want more protection online, it’s better to use Paid version. But free version works fine as well.

Download Avast Antivirus

3. AVG Antivirus free Edition – Windows 8 Compatibility

AVG is also one of the best antivirus available for free on the internet. AVG has more than 80 million users overall in the world. The latest version of AVG comes out eve with the Windows 8 compatibility. AVG is best known for as trusted antivirus and antispyware. It’s pretty easy to use, you can download it from the below link for free.

Download AVG antivirus free version

4. Panda Cloud security Free Antivirus

Panda Cloud security works based on the behavioral analysis protection. This helps to detect the Rootkits, which changes their location instantly. This is available for 20 language around the world. Web protection is also provided in the free version of this Antivirus.

Download Panda Cloud Security.

5. Bit-defender Antivirus 2013

Bit-defender is yet another effective antivirus that is available for Windows platform that helps to protect our system from viruses. Free version is available for non-commercial use. This is one among those only few antivirus which provides, internet online security for free. Use the below downloading link to download and start using it.

Download Bit-defender Antivirus 2013.

So, that's the list of Best Antivirus software's that are available for free for windows platform. Do remember that updating antivirus is must. Always try to update your antivirus so that it helps for better security.

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