PicBackMan Backups Your Photos to And From Multiple Online Services

There are many services that offer online space for file storage and image sharing, yet surprisingly few people use them to secure their important files and precious memories. Often the reason for not utilizing these services is not because they don’t want to, but because they don't have the right tools and the time to take care of this. Take image sharing sites for example. How many of them offer a desktop application that allows easy uploading of files from the computer? How many of them offer synchronizing solutions? Aside from Google Picasa, I don’t believe there is any service that offer such a feature.

PicBackMan is a new software that addresses this need. This desktop program allows users to automatically backup all their pictures to multiple image sharing and file-backup services, thus helping people to create redundant backups without actually doing anything. PicBackMan conglomerates an assortment of services under one roof. These includes some of the most popular services like Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Google Picasa, Dropbox, SmugMug, Box.net and SkyDrive.


You simply let PicBackMan know where your photos are stored on your computer. Point to the folders where they are saved and connect your online accounts where you want to backups to be made and PicBackMan does the rest. It monitors the folders for new photos and backs them up instantly to the connected accounts that you have chosen. You can let PicBackMan monitor multiple folders and each folder can be configured to backup to a different set of services.

PicBackMan can also download photos from online services to your personal computer. At this moment, this feature is supported only on three services – Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare.


PicBackMan is available for Windows, but Mac, iOS and Android versions are said to be coming soon.


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