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This is the Second Post in the series of posts on “Facebook Pranks “. Hope you enjoyed pranking your friends with the first Prank, If not check it from here.
 Facebook Pranks 1 : Ghost profile Prank

Facebook Fake wall posts Creator/ Generator.

“Fake wall posts” are some sort of images which look similar to the facebook conversations, you can create images as if someone had a commented on any status and had a conversation over there..


OK Check the Image Below, As you know this is not a screen shot of  Real wall post conversation actually, I created this image using  using “fake wall generator”.

Now I know that, even you are interested to create such Fake wall post; I don’t want you to wait any longer here you go...

How to Create Fake Facebook wall posts .

Things  you need

  1. A creative concept or conversation to surprise your friends

  2.  Image of people if you want to add them in conversation(not needed if they are in your friends list)

  3. Finally, a Facebook account ;)

Here is the procedure to create Fake Fall posts

1. First Go to http://wallmachine.com

2. Click on  “F Connect” to log in into your Facebook account. Now it will automatically redirect you to a page where you can create fake wall posts as you wish....

3. Now this is how the page look like and check the image to know how to edit it...!

You can just double click on the text to add your own Text.
and for images click on the image and choose “ Facebook friends” to get their images in a easy manner.
If you want to upload some others pic who is not there in your friends list then you can click on the image and upload an image by selecting “ upload image “

4. Now you can simply take a screen shot of it and you can even prank your friends with funny conversations...
Note :- Not only fake conversations you  can also create fake relationship updates, fake image conversation  fake “like” activities and lot more using the similar way...

Just try to create fake post and You will love to see good response from your friends
but before that check the few Fake conversations which are funny and i found them  on Google :D

This is the Fake Wall post i  created

Check the Fake wall post Of Salman Khan (Funny )

Fake wall post for Bin Laden ;)

Hope you will try you own versions of "fake walls"
Stay tuned for much more pranks  :)
Comment here if you facing any problem in creating the fake wall posts....

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