Top 10 Google chrome extensions for Facebook

There are many Extensions available for the Google chrome browser and these extensions in the Chrome browser are similar to the add-ons in the Mozilla Firefox browser. By adding these extensions to our browsers we can do many things while we are browsing on the internet. They really help us a lot on various issues. 

Even we can do many things on Facebook by using extensions for Google chrome browser. Here is the list of Top extensions for Google chrome to make your things fun on Facebook.


 Unlike Orkut, Facebook won’t provide any option to change themes and colours in user’s profile. Using this extension you can and the colour of Facebook to any colour that you wish. After adding this extension to your Google chrome Browser Re-start your browser and click on the icon of the extension, from the options provided you can set any colour that you wish.


This is an yet another interesting extension available for Google chrome to change the background of the Facebook. You can select any image from the given pics as your Background image . Instead of having boring Dumb blue colour you can add the Background images to make your profile look even better.


Ads on Facebook are always annoying. These days Facebook is concentrating on money than user’s satisfaction. We normally used to see many ads on the right side of the Facebook. Now by using this particular extension you can block those ads from appearing on your browser whenever you use Facebook.

We used to use lots of apps on Facebook and while using that all the apps will ask to grant permission to access our information, many of us used to blindly allow all the permissions for that app. Taking this as an advantage many apps used to post on our Facebook wall without our notice.
By using this extension we can get suggestions regarding the app as shown in the screen shot.

By using this Google chrome extension you can notifications about your faacebook new chat messages even while you are browsing other websites on other tabs. This is quite interesting Google chrome extension for Facebook.

Have you ever noticed this, while you visit a website which contain Facebook like Box, Facebookwill show your friends names who liked that page previously. Facebook stores our information and leaks it to other third party apps, Facebook tracks us. By using this extension, we can stop that tracking process done by Facebook.

In case if you need to invite all of your friends for a Facebook event or if you wish to invite all your Facebook friends to like you page, it is difficult to select each one of them, to get rid of that difficulty we can use to Google chrome extension and invite all your friends in a easy way

This is just an unofficial extension for Google chrome to access Facebook instantly. This extension is useful in many ways.

This is a very Interesting Facebook extension for Google chrome which enables you to zoom all the images when you just hover your mouse on the image on Facebook.

Facebook, Google +, Twitter are the leading social networking sites now and many of us used to spend lots of time on them. Just imagine how awesome it would be if you all these social networking sites are together. Just install this Google chrome extension and then you can mix all the three social networking sites.

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