Ghost profile on Facebook - Facebook Prank !!!

This is my first post in the sires of posts on “ Facebook Pranks”. You can check all the pranks from here

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This post is about the Facebook prank through which you can scar your friends for sure. So are you ready to scar your friends with this prank?

Well before that let me tell my experiences with this “Ghost Profile prank”.

My Experience with  "Facebook Prank of Ghost"

Few weeks ago when I was chatting with one of my Collage mate, He sent me link on Facebook chat and asked me to see that profile. Without any thought I opened the link and it was just a Facebook profile of someone but the profile picture, and status seemed to be little odd. And when I clicked something on that profile, Out of nowhere a scary Ghost face appeared on the screen tearing the screen with some wired sound. The image itself is looking scary and just think about my situation wearing a head phone...!
It really scared me, After that I thought to use the same prank on my friends to piss them off

When my turn comes to prank my friends, Believe it or not few my friends shouted in fear with this...!
It works even better on girls and I am sure that it will screw them up...!

Facebook Pranks 1:- Ghost Profile Prank (with link)

It is not that difficult to execute this prank on your friends, you are just few steps away from it ;)

1. First Copy this link and Send it to your friend

2.  Lie him that it is a Profile of a dead person, (somehow scar him with your story  )

3. Ask him to click on the “photos” option to check the image

4. When he is trying to click there, the Ghost animation will be on screen,

So what are you waiting for Send that link to your friends and have Fun
Happy Pranking
Note: please don’t try this on Heart patients as this my effect their pulse rate **

Soon i will be posting many Facebook Pranks, Stay tuned...!

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