Media Hint Lets You Watch Hulu, Netflix and Pandora Outside US for Free

Everybody knows how to watch Hulu or listen to Pandora outside the US - connect to a proxy, or get a VPN account that has servers located within the US. This way you route traffic between your computer and Hulu’s website through the US-based proxy/VPN server and thus fool Hulu into thinking that you are located in the US.

Then there are some other services like UnoDNS and Tunlr DNS that make use of a combination of DNS lookup and proxy servers to convince Hulu’s servers that the viewer is indeed within the geographic boundary of the appropriate country. Once the verification is completed, the service quietly switches back to the user’s actual location with Hulu none the wiser. The advantage of this method is that it allows the user to stream media directly to their computer without an intervening and often slower proxy server. It’s a win-win situation for both the user and the bypass-service provider – users are able to stream at their full connection speed and providers do not have to bear the load of massive bandwidth consumed by their users.


Media Hint is another service that allows users to watch or listen to content on Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and Rdio from any country. All you have to do is install their Chrome or Firefox extension. Then head to Hulu and you can watch your favorite shows right away.

If you are wondering, how Media Hint works, the truth is less than impressive. It’s just a proxy service.

Digital Inspiration writes:

I was looking at the source code of the Chrome add-on and turns out that it merely changes the proxy server settings of your browser when you try accessing a Hulu video.

The advantage of Media Hint over other proxy servers, however, is that it doesn’t require additional setup. But don’t expect this service to last too long.

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