Security measures for Facebook to protect from hackers in 2013

These days thousands of Facebook accounts are getting hacked each day. . .!Being a Popular social networking sites Facebook is always a target for hackers all around the world to spam it, though Facebook has good anti-spam protection, I have seen different spam’s on Facebook profiles many times.


How to Check Whether your Facebook is Hacked ?

If you read this post completely and follow all the rules carefully, then I am pretty sure that it’s almost impossible to hack your Facebook account.

This post is divided into 2 parts

                              1. Facebook security settings

                              2. General Security tips

1. Facebook security settings to protect your Facebook account

Facebook itself has provided some security settings to all its users, so that we can protect your accounts.

Click on the small settings button at the top right and select “ ACCOUNT SETTINGS “from it, you will redirected to a page and there select “SECURITY” from the options provided at the left side. So now you are in the security settings page of Facebook and now let’s see them one by one

A) Always browse on HTTPS (secure Browsing)

Click on “EDIT” and enable secure browsing and Click on the save settings, this will let you to always browse on secure network while you are on facebook

You might wonder Why i am asking you to do this,Do you know ? While you are in a WiFi network others who are in same network  can easily break in to your Facebook account by stealing you Cookies, if you are browsing on “http”. This can be done using tools like “ wire shark”. So it is better to browse in “https” connection.

B) Enable Login notification to your Mobile

Click on “EDIT” and tick both email and text messages to get notifications to both of them. In the case, if you haven’t confirmed your mobile phone or email address yet, First do it and then save your settings.

Using this feature you can get a mobile text message or an email if someone login into your account, from unrecognized devices. This will help you to take immediate action and I personally love this feature on Facebook.

C) Create a separate password for Facebook apps

Click on “EDIT” and then click “Generate app password”. A pop up box will open, there first enter your password for Facebook account, choose the app and then enter your app password. So From now you can use that particular password for that app.

Few apps on Facebook will ask your password to use that particular application. Taking this as an advantage, many created apps just to steal passwords of others account. So create a separate app password for applications and you can use that password before using the apps.

D) Manage “ recognized Devices”

Go through all the Recognized devices and if you found any suspicious Devices over there, just remove them and Facebook will take care of the remaining thing.

E) Verify Active sessions

Active sessions will show information about your recent and active logins in your Facebook account. It includes which browser you used, location, time and date. If there is any active session from any other suspicious place then just click on “End activity” and remove it.

Last but not the least change your password frequently


How to Check Whether your Facebook is Hacked ?

2. General Tips to secure your account from Hackers

A) Beware of Fake pages (phishing)

These days people are getting hacked more by falling in the trap of fake pages. This is called as phishing. Fake login pages will also looks same like the normal Facebook login pages but those are indented to get the login details of victims

Here is the screen shot of both fake Login page and Original Login page.

By keen observation of the URL you can figure them out . Don't login into any page if and only if the URL contains Some cleaver hackers even will use the domains like , etc, which looks similar to but they aren't the same.

So check the URL before you login, Login only if you have as your domain

B) Use Onscreen Keyboards to Protect from Key loggers

There are some spyware tools known as key-loggers  once if they are installed in  your PC then they will send all information that is entered from your PC to the one who programmed that key-logger.

So the counter strike for the key loggers is to use onscreen keyboards by using onscreen keyboards.if you use onscreen keyboards while entering your Login details, they key-loggers cant detect the data that is being entered by the key loggers as they only record information from keystrokes

How to use Onscreen keyboards in windows

1. Press “WINDOWS KEY” + R
2. RUN box will open and there enter, OSK it will open the Onscreen keyboard instantly
3. Now open and now you can enter login details by clicking on that onscreen keyboard.

D) Avoid installing cracks and key-gens

Most of the Cracks and key-gens that are present in torrents and other Downloading site contain virus or spywares that are indented to spy on the victim who downloads and installs it.

So it’s better to stay out of those cracks and key-gens.

E) Use Good anti-virus and Anti-spyware

In most cases all the spywares and viruses in your PC will get detected by the antivirus, hence i recommend you to use an Good antivirus. Please don’t use old versions of antivirus or the cracked ones. Do buy antivirus full version so that you can update them. Daily millions of viruses are entering into internet arena, so updating the antivirus is the only option for so to protect our self from all those spywares and viruses.

Top 10 Antivirus For Android Mobiles 

Here is the list of few most used anti-virus products go through them and use one for your PC

  • Kspersky
  • Avast
  • Avira
  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • AVG
  • Symantec
  • Bitfinder

    Buy anyone of them and use it on your PC, Don't forget to upgrade them frequently

    F) Don’t share or write your password anywhere

    Many people have this habit of sharing their password with others or writing them somewhere. Please stop doing this at least now. I used to see many of my friends sharing their passwords with their girl friends, and that really sucks.
    Password sharing is not recommended and don’t even save your passwords on your PC.

    G) Never save your passwords in your browser

    Instead of remembering passwords many people used to save their passwords in their browsers using “Save Password” feature provided by the Browsers. Do you know Passwords from any browser can be easily Decrypted using simple decrypting tools and it don’t even take much time to figure out passwords stored in the Browser.

    Try to remember password and remove all your stored passwords now using CCleaner software.

    H) Use strong password

    Always use a strong password, which should be combination of Lowercase letters, uppercase letters,numbers and symbols so that it will take much time for hackers to Brute-force it.

    I) Use different passwords for different sites

    If you use same password for Both your email address and Facebook then you are giving 1+1 offer to the hackers. If anyone of them is hacked, the other one will get hacked too.

    Try to Use different passwords to each site

    How to Check Whether your Facebook is Hacked ?

    Final Words:-

    Though I am aware of all the ways to hack a Facebook account and their counter strikes, I can’t say that,” I can stay 100% safe on the internet” , because there are chances for anyone to get hacked online.These days with the advancement of hacking tools, hacking became very easy and still securing is damn difficult.
    “To hack a website you just need to find single vulnerability out of many, but to secure a website you need to find and fix all the vulnerabilities, which is really a risky task”

    Securing is really difficult Job, all we can do is to be aware of all the securing ways on internet and get updated with latest security tips. Stay connected with TECH GLITTER, We will provide you more and more tips on Internet security.

    Happy Facebooking :D

    If you feel that I've missed any point regarding securing our self on internet, do mention them in comments and I will add them to this post...!

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