Best Facebook Status Tricks - Revealed !!

Facebook is a pretty interesting world, isn’t it?
Using some tricks  and making our friends to get surprised is much more interesting. Tech Glitter will bring your some unique tips and tricks related to Facebook to have more fun with it J. In this post I will let you know about the some of the best collection of tricks that are related to facebook status.  Check this post for BEST STATUS TRICKS.


1. Pre Schedule your status on Facebook

Using this trick you can post your status at any pre scheduled time, No matter whether you are logged into the account or not, your status will get updated automatically on the exact time that you have scheduled earlier. There are many ways to do this but this one is really simple and easy to do..

How to Pre-schedule a status on Facebook.

1. CLICK HERE to start the trick and as soon as you go to the site click on LOGIN with Facebook.

2. Allow the application to access your details and you will see something like this. Just Enter your status and set the Date and time and hit Enter

3. Later you can check that the status will get updated on the exact time that is scheduled. Here is the screen shot of my status.

You can even make the status post in repeated status. You can also use the same site for post tweets in you twitter.

2. Make an empty status / comment in facebook 

Generally we can’t send an empty message on facebook and even we can’t update an empty status on facebook but now we can make this possible. Are you ready???

You can update empty status in two different ways.

1. Press and hold ALT key and type 0173, No text will be in the Status box but you can update your status blankly.

2. Just put this code in your status and post it, still you can see a blank status

Using the first trick you can post an empty status.

3.  Update your status in different text styles on Facebook

Are you bored of using the same font on face book? Want to have fun with funky and freaky text...? OK now it is the time to jazz up your status with a trendy new look .You can use a wide variety of font styles to get rid of the monotony. This trick will help you in making this come true......

There are many sites on internet which can give you different text styles but with the help of Name funk you can just have your text in five different ways by typing once

1. Funky                                               text  ѕαмρℓє тєχт ƒσя ∂ємσ
2. Arabic text                                     รค๓קlє tєץt Ŧгє๓๏
3. Hacker text                                     54mp13 73x7 f0r d3m0
4. Flipped text                                   sɐɯd1ǝ ʇǝxʇ  ɟoɹ pǝɯo
5. Changed case text                      SaMpLe tExT FoR DeMo

4. Backward text effect for your Facebook Status trick


If you just want to reverse whatever you write and update it as a status then here is a trick awaiting for you. Try this out and feel the fun of reverse reading and you can even draw the attention of your friends.
Go to Upside-down text  and type your status in the first input box on the site. Just copy the Upside down text from the second post and paste on Facebook and updates it as your status.

5. Update your status with text in bubbles on Facebook


You might have seen bubbles in movie posters or else in the uploaded pics of Facebook but how smart it would be if we have such stuff in status too. Isn’t it crazy going? This is very simple to do.
Go to Bubble all text   and type your  text in the box provided there and copy the bubble text on to your wall and post it.

6. Hide Status from Certain People in Facebook


Privacy plays a key role in most of the times. We don’t want everything to be disclosed to everyone but in Facebook we have myth that all our status messages can be viewed by all our friends but it isn’t true anymore .We can hide them too. Just do this and starting having privacy even with your status.
Although this is quite simple trick to perform many of you may not know about this.
Before posting the status just click on public > custom > and a box will pop up there you can alter the settings as you wish to hide your status from particular person or a group of people as you wish.

7. Add different symbols to your status...:

Symbols make texting feel better not just better even sometimes best. Facebook allows us to have a good usage of several such symbols you might not have been used earlier. Here is the way of doing it. Here are few of them
Go to Fbsymbols and there you can find huge collection of symbols which you can use on Facebook status. Just copy paste them along with your status and turn your status to feel better. 

8.  Prank your friends using this trick on Facebook

Once check this Url  
When someone click on it will redirect them to their own profile.  We can use this link to play pranks on our friends and make fun with them
just keep your status like this ..
" Don't believe this guy he is really a shit --> @  "
When any of your friends clicks on this link he will be redirected to his own profile, so he thinks that you have mentioned him in your status. i tried this and many of my friends messaged me, to remove my status thinking that i have mentioned them in my status.... 

9. Update Facebook Status Via Blackberry,Iphone etc:

When you update a status through mobile,it appears  as if “via mobile 2min ago” or something else like that. To make further more interesting you can customize it by yourself i.e. instead of the text “via mobile” you can make it as “via iphone 4s” or else “via notebook or “via pen” or whatever you want by using some interesting tricks. The interesting part here is you will update your status from your PC but you can make it appear as if it is updates from other devices.

Check this Screen shot below, Actually i'have updated my status Via PC but using this trick, i made it to appear as if i updated my status using mobile.

Here goes the trick
1. Go to Status via 
2. Select any device through which you want update your status. This site will let you update your status via following devices.
1. via BlackBerry
2. via iPhone
3. via iPad
4. via Android
5. via T-Mobile Sidekick
6. via Windows Phone
7. via Facebook for Camera EOS 50D
8. via PlayStation 3
9. via Ovi by Nokia
10. via SonyEricsson
3.  After selecting any of them a box will pop up with an input box. Type your status in it an update it. That’s it your status will get updates with device that you wish.

10. Turn Status Update into Cool 3D Words:


3D is one fabulous word that created a breakthrough in the field of graphics. Everyone loves watching a 3D movie or a visual, it is an eye feast. Even Words in 3D gives a great look and feel.
Using a cool app you can have a 3D view of your status. You can also share the results with your Facebook friends by posting it on their wall or by adding it to your profile
Here you go. . ! 
Go to  Status Analyzer3D and allow the application and after taking few seconds it will analyse your recent status updates and displays you as an 3D image.

Try all these tricks and i am pretty sure that you will love to use each one of them.

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