How to check whether your facebook account is hacked

Facebook users are increasing quite rapidly these days,parallelly Facebook hackers are also increasing.  Who knows someone might be reading your chat conversations, or might be using your account to abuse others or to do illegal activities.......!! If someone hacked your account then I am sure that impact will be worse on you.Through this post you will come to know about, how to check whether your Facebook account has been hacked or not.

Facebook Don’t have any Exact way to show whether your account is compromised or not, but still by going through the security settings of Facebook, we can figure it out easily.

Check This

1. Check the Recent Login Details

Like Gmail, Facebook has useful option to review recent log ins  you can verify them whenever you wish by going into security settings. Follow the below steps carefully

1. Go to account settings
2. Click on SECURITY from the left hand menu
3. Click on the EDIT option of ACTIVE SESSIONS. There you can see the list of all the recent log in details along with the places and the browsers you used. Check my recent log in details from the below screen shot

It shows last accessed time and date, Device you used to login, Operating system of the device you used, Browser from which you log in  If you don’t recognize any of those devices then simply click on END ACTIVITY. This is really a useful thing to check whether our Facebook account is being accessed by someone or not.

2. Check your Mails for Suspicious Logins

In my previous post regarding “Security measures forFacebook”, I have mentioned all the required steps and measures that one has to take to protect their Facebook account from hackers. In that post I've asked you turn on LOG IN NOTIFICATIONS. If you have already enabled that you will definitely receive a email and test message saying that someone has recently logged into your account from an UN KNOWN device. Just check your mails and mobile messages for any such sort of warning messages. If you found any such messages then, it’s really the time for you to worry about it

3. Verify your recent conversations and Notifications

Normally when someone hacks your account they will be more interesting in reading your chat conversations and notifications, sending messages to others, posting some awkward pics or status, Check your profiles thoroughly for any such suspicious activities and you can figure then out easily if you observe each and everything keenly
So by the above 3 mentioned steps it is easy for anyone to figure out whether their Facebook account has been hacked or not. If you feel that your Facebook account is hacked then just follow the below line

How to secure Facebook account from getting hacked


Securing your Facebook account includes many security measures and you should be even aware of many things, I've written a detailed post regarding securing our Facebook account. Just check if from below.

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