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Facebook Pranks collection

What are fake news generators ?
how can you Prank others ?

Using fake news generators you can create fake news about friend and you can share the link on facebook, so the people who visit the link will be directed to the site where there will be fake news about any of your friend that you wish.

When i saw a link regarding my friend, I really thought that was a genuine information. Later i came to know that, it was a prank my my friend. Even many of my friends thought that it is a genuine link. That made me to Google about this fake news generators and i found few sites regarding it.

4 Fake news generators/Creators  to play pranks on Facebook.

Out of all the fakenews generators on internet the noob is very interesting to use. you can add your frieds profile picture in the fake news. Check it out

1. Noob – fake news generator

Here is the way to create fake news using Noob

  1. Go to  http://www.noob.co.in/

  2.  In the first box there will be about 20 fake headlines, from which you can pick one. Make sure that , the headline should be similar to your friends activities,so that there are more chances for you to make people believe.

  3. In the 2nd and 3rd boxes enter your friend’s first name and second name of the one, on whom you want to play the prank.

  4.  In the fourth box you have to enter your friend’s Facebook USERNAME so that he his profile picture will appear on the site. To get his username just open his profile and in the URL copy the text after Facebook ,for Example if your open my profile it will be like www.facebook.com/saicharan123. so “saicharan123” is my username for Facebook  In a similar way add your friends username over there. This is optional and if you don’t want your friends profile pic to display over there you can skip this step.

  5. Enter you location over there and click on Fish you can share that link on Facebook,and you can prank your friends with that . :D

You can aslo check the folowing other similar sites

2. Wasarested

3. The Newspaper Clipping Generator

4. Fakeawish

Make sure that the news you will select to Prank your friend should be smilar to his activities , Only then you can make this prank work..!

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