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Many of our shy friends wont let us know about their crush name, But what if we are capable of finding out our friends crush name, We can tease them a lot ...!

This seems to be interesting wright ? yeah it will be...
You will start having more fun, once you started using this..

How this prank works

You will send a link to your friend, which will look like Love calculator. You will somehow make him believe that it can calculate love between people very accurately. So when your friend  enters his name along his crush name, instead of calculating the love, it will send  your friends crush name to you  ;)

Few days ago one my friend sent me link saying that it is a perfect love calculator, I entered some names of Hollywood actors to check it, some how i didn't enter My crush name ;)

Now its time for you to know your friends crush name

Finding your friends crush name

There are several website through which you can make this prank to work, here i will a show a tutorial of bext site among them and i will mention the other sites name so that you can check them latter.

5 ways to find your friends crush name

1. Crush Bits

  1.  First click here to register

  2.  Enter all the details provided over there and make sure that you enter a valid email address and remember the password

  3.  After entering the details click on the “create link”. It will redirect you to another page which contains a link,copy it and that is your link, which you have to share it on Facebook. Simply send it to your friend on Facebook or just make it as your status.

  4. When your friend opens that link this is how it looks like, when he enters his name and his crush name both if them will get saved in your account on the same site. you can check it by logging in to your account from HERE.

2. secret-loves

3. Magic crush

4. crush page

5. crush007

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