Top 10 Free Best Antivirus for Android

Cyber world is full of dangerous viruses. Each and every day thousands of new viruses are being created and thrown into the world of internet. If you are not the victim of any virus till now then you are quite lucky. But you can’t relax with that, if you ignore to use an anti virus on your mobile then I am sure that your mobile will get affected in future with hell lot of viruses. To save our Mobiles from Dangerous Viruses, Worms, Spy wares and malwares, an Anti virus is must for you Android Mobile.

Do you think that the Apps from the Play store of Android are safe?
If you do think that those apps are safe then here is a Bitter Truth for you

Apps from Android Play store are not 100 % safe.

Actually to place an app in the app store (market place), Developers has to sign up for the Developers account which costs 25 $ and from that account they can upload their applications. Here the problem is, there is no any filtering mechanism to check the apps for viruses. So anyone can easily create a malicious code and can upload it into the market.  People who ever download and install it get affected.
After reading the above thing I am sure that even you will show interest to install a good anti virus on your android mobile. I’ve made a good list of Top anti virus available in the market. Just go through the below list and get one for your mobile

1. Avast Anti virus for Android

Just like the one that is available to your PC avast mobile security also provides good protection from all viruses. This is my favorite and even i am using this on my mobile.

User Average rating        :  4.7
Basic version Needed      :  2.1 and above required

Click here to Download

2. Kspersky Anti virus for Android


User Average rating     : 4.2
Basic Android version   : 1.5 and above

Click here to Download

3. AVG  Antivirus for Android


User Average rating: 4.5
Basic Android version : 1.6 and above

Click here to Download

4. Norton Antivirus for Android


User Average rating: 4.4
Basic Android version : 2.1 and above versions of android

Click here to Download

5. Bitfender Antivirus for Android


User Average rating: 4.7
Basic Android version : 2.0.7 and above versions

Click here to Download

6. MCafee Antivirus for Android


User Average rating: 4.1
Basic Android version : 2.1 and above

Click here to Download

7. Lookout security Antivirus for Android


User Average rating: 4.5
Basic Android version : 2.1 and above

Click here to Download

8. Dr Web Anti virus Light for Android


User Average rating    : 4.7
Basic Android version  : 2.1 and above

Click here to Download

9. NQ mobile security for Android


User Average rating    : 4.5
Basic Android version  : 2.0 and above versions

Click here to Download

10. Zoner Antivirus for Android


User Average rating    : 2.1
Basic Android version : 4.6

Click here to Download

So these are Top Anti viruses that are available in the mobile market for free. Just pick any one of them and install in your Android device. No matter what sort of android device it is, these apps will work on all devices like Android mobiles, Android tablets, Android Phablets etc.

That's all for now people.
from today i will update my blog regularly, due to exams i haven't published any articles.

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