5 Best Browsers for Windows 8

Web browser is much needed application for each and every system connected to the internet. You can browse internet only through Web browsers. There are many web browsers available for Windows Platform and only very few are used mostly by the people. Windows 8 comes with its default web browser Internet Explorer, but people are addicted to other browsers than it. Here is the list of Best web browsers for Windows 8 in 2013. You can simply go through the list and choose the best one that suites your needs.

5 Best browsers for Windows 8

1. Google Chrome


Google chrome is the Best Browser for Windows 8 because of many good and unique features of it. Personally, I recommend this because browsing internet on Google chrome really give a good browsing Experience. Google chrome loads the webpages faster than the default browser (Internet Explorer). We can make our browsing experience much more interesting by adding themes to the chrome. There are wide range of theme available for it. You can pick any theme you wish in just a single click. There are Hell lot of extensions available for Google chrome which allows us to play many tricks with it. Google chrome also provides good security while surfing internet.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 8

Rating:    5/5

2. Mozilla Firefox


Till the release of Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox used to by Best Browser for Windows Platform. Even now Millions of people are using Mozilla Firefox, because of its features. Add-ons and extensions in it allows us to do many tweaks. Mozilla Firefox come out with really good User interface. It’s quite easy to deal with it. Firefox web browser is well optimized to perform faster. It comes with synchronization feature which enable us to share our bookmarks, history and saved passwords from one device to another easily.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8

Rating       4.9 / 5                                                    

3. Opera


You can browse internet faster than the normal speed by using the TURBO mode. You can arrange all your favorite website in speed dials so that you can access them with single click whenever you needs them. You can add as many as speed dials you want. Using opera link you can carry all your Saved passwords, Bookmarks, speed dials, so that you can access them instantly whenever you wish. There are lot of Keyboard shortcuts available for the Opera for easy usage.

Download Opera for Windows 8

Rating   4.8/5

4. Maxthon Web Browser


Maxthon is really a Cool Web browser and it deserves a place in the 5 Best web browsers for Windows 8. It comes out with thousands of available extensions. Maxthon is 100 % safe for web browsing and it will protect from the spywares, and viruses. It has a Filter pack which removes all the irritating pop up pages and ads instantly.

Download Maxthon for Windows 8

Rating      4/5

5. Internet Explorer 10


I don’t normally prefer using internet Explorer because it is very slow when compared to any other web browser mentioned above. There is famous Joke on internet about IE “Internet explorer is the best browser to download other Browsers”. There are many jokes floating on internet explorer as it get even hangs sometimes while using it. Though Microsoft it updating it frequently none can stop it from getting crashed.

Rating      3.5/ 5

So thats the list of the BEst 5 Browsers for Windows 8, hope you like. Dont you agree with our list, well if so please comment below about your opinion on this list of Top 5 browsers for Windows 8

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