5 Ways to make money from YouTube.

I thought to post articles related to making money online and this is the First Post regarding it. This post is about Best ways to make money from YouTube Videos. Remember nothing comes so easily. If making money from internet is such easy task then everyone will start earning though it. To earn money from any field you just consistency. If you work hard with consistency along with smart thinking then earning money from internet is not really a big deal. I used to see many people who are addicted to YouTube, Few are addicted in watching videos on YouTube and few are Addicted to Uploading videos. By choosing any of the below 5 methods you can start making money from you addiction.


1.  Join as YouTube Partner 


YouTube partnership is the one of the best way to earn from YouTube. But getting approved as YouTube partner is not that easy. You should have good amount of Views for your videos, you should upload videos in regular intervals, and you should also have enough number of subscribers. Various points like this will be considered before approving you as YouTube partner. If you get approved as YouTube Partner then you start earning money easily by using ads near or inside your Videos.
Remember that you should not post any Copyrighted Videos or Videos that share illegal content like Hacking or porn. Your videos should obey the YouTube policies.

2. Using Affiliate marketing to make money from YouTube.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the Money making way on internet through which many of the people are earning a lot. Affiliate Marketing is nothing but of earning some commission by selling products. For example if someone buys a product online from your referral links then you will be paid a certain amount of money for Helping that particular product to get sold. There are many websites that will help you to get referral links. Clickbank is my favorite one. 
Now the Question is how can you sell products on YouTube to make money?? And here is the answer.
Select a product from a Niche, for which people search more on internet. For example Product used for Weight Loss, Beauty Products, gadgets, Toys and Costumes has high demand on Internet. Try to review any of such products in your videos and add the referral links to those products below your Videos in the description. If people buy those products from your referral links then you will get paid for that as I previously said.

3. Using Google AdSense to make money from YouTube.


YouTube partnership is not the only way, if you are not approved as YouTube video partner just try to apply of Google AdSense. If you have an approved AdSense account then, create a blogger blog and post embed your videos in your blog posts and add Google AdSense ads to your blog. If you are successful in getting enough number of Page Visits for your blog then you can earn a handsome sum.

4. Asking Donations.


If you have a good YouTube Channel which has Thousands or Hundreds of subscribers. Then you can simply ask for donations from you subs and viewers to encourage you in doing more such videos. If your YouTube Channel Is about any tutorials like Programing Tutorials, beauty Tips, Science experiments, then people shows more interest to donate money for you as such channels are has high demand on YouTube.

5. Sell your own Products and make money from YouTube.

I have read few stories of people on YouTube who earned many thousand Dollars just by selling their products with the Help of YouTube. If you are good making any of such products which people Love, then you can easily get succeed in this. But Try to get more views for your videos only then your products can get more Online exposure so that you can sell maximum number of products.

By working consistently I am pretty sure that you can earn money from YouTube using any of the above mentioned ways. All the best. Hope you make some good amount. J

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